Adjenda v0.3 ALPHA 1

Amiridis Z. Petros

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Adjenda Information
Program name Adjenda
Copyright notice 1998 Amiridis Z. Petros All Rights Reserved
Author(s) Amiridis Z. Petros
Version: 0.3 (Major=0, Minor=3, Release=3, Build=0)
Alpha / Beta / Final ? ALPHA 1
Started 18 January 1998
Released N/A
Previous version(s) 0.2 (Major=0, Minor=2, Release=2, Build=53) BETA 7
0.1 (Major=0, Minor=2, Release=1, Build=1) ALPHA
Version notes N/A
Price $0, 0 GrDhr
Category Personal Information Organizer
Platform Windows 95/NT
Language(s) English
Software requirements N/A
Hardware requirements N/A


1. Introduction
2. What's New (Additions/Bug Fixes)
3. Future Work Considerations
4. How to Get in Touch and... Why (Contact Card)

1. Introduction

Welcome to the new version of Adjenda. This time it is the first BETA release of version 0.3. New stuff, include better interaction with Internet through active URLs and E-Mail addresses. A new help system, designed with the novice users in mind, as well as some other enhancements such as variable phone and internet information keeping.

The new Adjenda is a child of all my restless nights during examination period of level's 3 fall semester (1997/1998), when instead of worrying for studying, I was worrying about new releases of Adjenda. In fact - to get things straight - I did study, and I studied a lot. So, you can all use this little program without having in mind that I failed in my exams because of it!

2. What's New (Additions/Bug Fixes)

This file contains for each version of Adjenda the equivalent additions or bug fixes, since the previous version. This means that whenever I release a version - either beta or final - I sit down and add a version additions/bug fixes paragraph to this file. That is all...

Adjenda v0.3 BETA 1 Build 00

Adjenda v0.2 BETA 7 Build 53 (No change in the executable)

3. Future Work Considerations
4. How to Get in Touch and... Why (Contact Card)

When you run Adjenda you actually evaluate the program. Whether you realize it or not, you say things to yourself like: 'hmm, I liked that feature about bla bla...' or 'Well, I hated the fact that bla bla...' or even better 'Wouldn't it be nice if bla bla...'. What I ask from you, is to send back to me all of those comments! Do not keep them to yourself. I don't care if they are bad or good. I just need the feedback.

What YOU gain from sending an E-Mail back to me with your comments, is:

So, PLEASE... Stay in touch!  
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